About outTHERE Underwear

Why we designed the most comfortable underwear for men

For decades, founder James felt uncomfortable wearing conventional underwear.

One day, he had enough.

James worked with wife, Louise, to design underwear he could easily wear all day and night – without restriction, chafing and sweating. 

This is how the husband-and-wife team came to create Australia’s most comfortable underwear for men.

What is the pocket in outTHERE underwear for?

outTHERE men’s pouch underwear contains our uniquely-designed pouch, which allows your guys to sit as naturally as possible with decent support. This unique outTHERE design reduces (if not eliminates) squashing, rubbing and the need for re-adjusting. There are no hidden cups, straps or flaps, and no lifting or pressing against the body!

James and Louise designed and manufactured outTHERE anti-chafing underwear in Sydney, Australia. We’re super proud to support local businesses!